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Our Christian values are used as vehicles to teach the children about making positive choices, about instilling encouragement within them, providing them with the toolkit to be resilient and to help them to love, learn, grow and inspire through the teachings of Jesus. Our Pencombe Prophets are responsible for gathering evidence of how we celebrate these values. This is documented in a special book and each of the children takes a turn in adding to the book. Our children take an active role in leading collective worship which explores the teaching from the Bible, promoting the value of the month (all values chosen by the children). Our children are encouraged to consider those around the world less fortunate than themselves and ask “what can we do to help?” As a result, we regularly raise funds and/or make donations for both local and global causes. In addition to this, our school stays connected to the local community through weekly community coffee mornings. At Pencombe CofE Primary, we are always looking for ways to live out our vision within our school and our community. 

Through the love of God, we use our four main key values of LOVE, LEARN, GROW and INSPIRE to umbrella our extended character values, chosen by the children.

Watch a video that the children created about The Parable of the Mustard Seed and how big things come from small beginnings.





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