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Please find a copy of our latest Ofsted report in the Information section. We are extremely proud to say that within the report, it states that: ‘There is a strong team ethos across the school. Governors and staff are committed to seeing the school improve, and parents are appreciative of how the leadership and staff support their children. Pupil’s grow in knowledge and understanding through a well-balanced curriculum with a strong focus to improve basic skills. Teaching is effective across the school and successfully supports children with all abilities.’
One parent wrote: “My child enjoys going to school and is being looked after. If I have any worries, I speak to the teachers.”
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Computing Curriculum

Computing at Pencombe CE Primary is taught in a creative and inspiring curriculum in line with the new National Curriculum.

Computing skills are taught to the children through Computing lessons using our iPads, Promethean Interactive Whiteboards or Active Panels and other digital devices. Such technology is enabling our pupils to participate in an exciting, contemporary Computing curriculum, as well as allowing teachers to embed the use of technology as a learning tool across the curriculum.

The curriculum is broken down into 3 areas:
• Computer Science (Computing, algorithms and programming) – Children learn how digital systems work and use this to create programs
• Information Technology (digital literacy and data handling)- – children are able to use, express themselves and develop their ideas through information and communication technology
• E-Safety – Children use technology safely and keep themselves safe online (Take a look at how to keep safe online (link here to the Esafety section of our website)

Following the disapplication of the QCA ICT Curriculum, our school has developed it’s own curriculum. This has been further developed to reflect the New computing Curriculum 2014. Our Computing Skills Ladder is based on the CAS Computing in Schools documentation and Herefordshire Computing Progression.
Where possible we find creative cross-curricular links and embed the Computing skills ladder within our main topics.

You can learn about all the latest developments in Computing teaching and learning at www.primarycomputing.co.uk

Here are a selection of the programs and applications we use across KS1 and KS2 in our Computing curriculum. Click on the slider to view.

When you learn computing, you’re thinking about thinking.