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Please find a copy of our latest Ofsted report in the Information section. We are extremely proud to say that within the report, it states that: ‘There is a strong team ethos across the school. Governors and staff are committed to seeing the school improve, and parents are appreciative of how the leadership and staff support their children. Pupil’s grow in knowledge and understanding through a well-balanced curriculum with a strong focus to improve basic skills. Teaching is effective across the school and successfully supports children with all abilities.’
One parent wrote: “My child enjoys going to school and is being looked after. If I have any worries, I speak to the teachers.”
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Art & Design

In Art the children observe, explore, invent and develop the ability to think and act like creative practitioners. They are encouraged to use their knowledge and understanding to inform, inspire and interpret ideas, observations and feelings. Art currently aids cross curricular learning by linking in with other foundation subjects such as R.E., history, geography and science. The children develop the ability to select and use a range of materials, processes and techniques and develop the skills to reflect on, analyse and evaluate their own work and that of others. The children’s art is highly valued and prominently displayed throughout the school for all to enjoy.

At Pencombe CE Primary School we aim to:
• Foster an understanding and enjoyment of art, craft and design.
• Encourage children to work from imagination, memory and the environment to develop their ideas by using various starting points.
• Develop children’s ability to observe, investigate, respond to and record the world around them through a variety of forms and media.
• Broaden knowledge and the appreciation of the work of other artists and crafts people from different times and cultures.
• Extend and enrich other curriculum areas through art.
• Enable children to make increasingly informed and creative choices of media, tools and techniques for a given purpose.
• Develop their visual language and the ability to express their ideas and feelings in order to evaluate their own work and that of others.
• Deliver the National Curriculum by integrating the elements of art with the processes and practices of art to provide a broad and balanced art curriculum throughout each year.
• Develop an awareness of the importance of art in society.

At Pencombe the majority of the art work is taught through class topics across the curriculum. We hold a “Creative Week” where children work together across the school to produce art in various different media following a particular theme.