Oak Apple Day

On the last day of term, we celebrated “Oak Apple Day” here at Pencombe CE Primary.
Royal Oak Day (Oak Apple Day) was a public holiday celebrated in England on 29 May to commemorate the restoration of the English monarchy, in May 1660.
It is also said that King Charles’ life was saved after the battle of Worcester in 1651, when he escaped from the Roundhead army by hiding in an oak tree in the grounds of Boscobel House in Staffordshire
Oak Apple Day was a time for dancing and parties.
To show their support for the monarchy, people wore sprigs of oak leaves or a sprig with an oak apple on (gall produced in oak buds by wasps).
On 29 May, children would challenge each other to show their oak sprigs or apples, and those not wearing one would face some form of punishment, varying from one place to another.
We celebrated by looking at all of our class name trees, writing poems, doing art and walking up to “The Pound” to visit the Oak Tree planted in Pencombe to commemorate Queen Victoria!

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