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Please find a copy of our latest Ofsted report in the Information section. We are extremely proud to say that within the report, it states that: ‘There is a strong team ethos across the school. Governors and staff are committed to seeing the school improve, and parents are appreciative of how the leadership and staff support their children. Pupil’s grow in knowledge and understanding through a well-balanced curriculum with a strong focus to improve basic skills. Teaching is effective across the school and successfully supports children with all abilities.’
One parent wrote: “My child enjoys going to school and is being looked after. If I have any worries, I speak to the teachers.”
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Religious Education

Religious Education

Pencombe CE Primary is a Church of England school and we aspire, that “through the love of Jesus, everyone should have life and live it to the full” (John 10:10). The school follows the Herefordshire County Agreed Syllabus for RE and Understanding Christianity which provide a  framework for teaching religious education from Reception to Year 6. We offer an interesting insight into some of the main religions of this country, particularly Christianity, along with Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism. We aim to help children to understand personal or family beliefs, along with traditional religious values in order to respect the beliefs and practices of others. Children are given the opportunity to learn about stories, festivals and events that underlie many of the regular cultural and religious celebrations that occur during the year. During their time at Pencombe CE Primary, the children are encouraged to compare religious practices and beliefs, put forward their own ideas and develop positive attitudes to others.

Daily collective worship takes place in school, during which religious and moral education as well as an opportunity for reflection is undertaken.The whole school has a strong Christian ethos and relationship with the community. We attend a weekly community church service, including termly Holy Communion. Special collective worships celebrate Christian festivals such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter,  and assemblies for parents are held regularly to celebrate pupils’ achievement.

The aims of our School Collective Worship Policy are:

  • To enhance the spiritual development of children
  • To foster reflection, meditation, prayer and silence
  • To create an atmosphere in which God is both normal and natural
  • To celebrate Christian festivals
  • To recognise the beliefs and cultures of others
  • To enable pupils to reflect on their experience of life
  • To value and respect the search for a faith to live by
  • To celebrate achievements of members of the school
  • To live according to Christ’s teachings

Parents have a legal right to withdraw their child from collective worship assemblies and/or Religious Education lessons. Parents who wish to do so should discuss the matter with the Executive Head teacher or Head of School.